Even weeks before the event I fill with trepidation. Another weekend in the driest place in the world...today. I've known these guys most of my adult life and some only the couple of hours since we picked 'em up on I-70 during the trip down. By the way, I don't believe any of those creepy stories they tell around the campfire anyway...but you do have to ask yourself one question each and every time the desert hell begins, would you venture into the desert with these guys? Huh?

Would ya?

Our first night...driving in the rain ..............conquering unconquerable hills...

Good thing I was a boy scout and let's have some beef jerky!! .....insert gratuitous plug for

Gary R. West Meats Beef Jerky

Thanks Brad for the inspiration for this one...
and by the way, that's not a sunset, that's the moonrise behind them!

Dick inspects the 'big crack' on Brian's Cruiser in his special mechanics hat and go-fast sneakers......While later in Green River, a disgusted BGT (not to be confused with SPG...) crawls out from under his rock.

Hole in the Wall Gang this year consisted of (L to R)Brian, Randy, Gary (kneeling), Brad, Scotty, Dick"Hi-Ho"(straw cowboy hat, squatting in his underwear), Dasher(with spots), Mark, Me, Mike and last but not least contemplative Wayne, Kung-Fu Master.

All photographs once again shot with the amazing
Nikon Coolpix 950 Digital Camera /Copyright 1999 stevenbheiner / All Rights Reserved