The Desert Hell Vigilance Committe and movie cast gathers in Zion...
All the boys got together recently to re-live and bear witness all the excitement and drama of the newly released motion picture (direct to DVD) Desert Hell -The Movie. The action packed premier event featured awesome ribs compliments of Deirdre and Greg, who also graciously provided the high-tech screening room as well for the raucous event. Click on the picture for a closer inspection of the eyes...

To see a Quicktime VR movie of the campsite panorama photograph above, click here... Campsite VR movie then navigate it with your mouse cursor...

Well we did it again. Almost the whole gang of brethren, hearty desert rats with weak minds, venturing into the unknown of the Forbidden Zone!

I was so happy to see that Gov. Jesse "The Body" Ventura could join us for our mega-male bonding trip. Munching oysters, beef jerky, and granola bars, the Gov was in rare form. Often regaling the gang with stories of UFO's, Ancient Indians, and tree thieves. To see more of Wayne, Wade, Jesse and others,

Click here for Desert Hell 1999.

Secret Spire rises from the desert floor like a mysterious sandstone erection. We discovered that someone had stuffed coins and trinkets into the small cracks in the spire. Maybe a GeoCacher did it? All we did while there was drink a beer, got rained on, drank another beer.

Click the pic for larger view of the group.

Like any trip to the middle of nowhere, you're bound to have car trouble. Since experts now come in half-dozens, we were never stranded for very long.

Here the gang 'jiggles with the caaaable' to keep Gary's hood in the down and locked position. Thank you, we'll be landing shortly.


Weird Bullet-time thing-a-ma-jig..

Tthis 'bullettime' type scene I made while walking around the three Amigos with a digital camera is enough to frighten even TV's John Walsh. I'm mean come on, would you give these guys a ride? I took these pics and then compiled them in a Flash movie that runs continuously. If you would rather download the Quicktime or AVI file, see below. Flash Movie

Check out these previews for

Desert Hell 2003

Hell '03 / Spaghetti Hell

Quicktime Movie files


Scotty Waters Unplugged

Thanks to Gary, we can all carry Scotty around in our iPods! Check out the one and only Filthy-B himself singing his heroic rendition of the classic "Ghost Riders". And his own special version of a famous Jimmy Buffet hit as a heart-felt tribute to the desert hell gang during the DH2003 trip.

Ghost Riders / Desert Hell-ville

Desert Hell Souvenirs

.If you ever needed an excuse to buy something stoopid, I've got just the thing for ya! How about a Desert Hell 2003 T-Shirt? Maybe you were there, yeah you, and you want to remember yearround the fun you had. The embarrassment you suffered, the chaffing, Ugh! ? Follow this link to the new online store!

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